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Jack ryser art

An artist committed to all things creative


meet jack

Jack is the father of three lovely daughters who have been the joy of his life. As his children grew into adults time allowed for him to expand and develop his artistic interests.


In his early years he found himself expressing his creativity primarily with music. This included graduating from music school in Jazz Guitar Performance and running off to Los Angeles to be a rock star.

As life progressed Jack became a published author and personal growth inspirational speaker. His book opened many unique opportunities and allowed him to work with individuals and groups of people in developing positive and joyful lives.


Finally, Jack came home to the art he has loved most, painting original art work. After studying and learning traditional, disciplined painting, he discovered the freedom of abstract art and has never looked back. There is something about letting the artwork develop spontaneously that resonated with Jack. He has tried to live a life that was always open to change and spontaneity, and his artwork reflects his personality.